Why are Forex spreads so high.


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    Why are Forex spreads so high.
    Yes my dear bro I also agree with you welcome on Forex mt5 forum. According to my knowledge. A high spread means there is a large difference between the bid and ask price. Emerging market currency pairs generally have a high spread compare the two major currency pairs. A higher than normal spread generally indicates one of two thanks high volatility in the market for low liquidity due to out out of hours trading. So sir you want to get a perfect trading session you just choose your account which have no separate because high spread is very bad for trading.
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    Assalam Walekum, how are you all going to be fine? It depends on your broker how much commission he has kept. If he takes his commission from your move then this box Keep your commission, trade heads give you the rest, then your forex market is not the best.


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