What is pivot point.


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    What is pivot point.
    Assalam o alaikum forum members. I hope everyone is fine here and enjoying your posts and threads under the rules and regulations of this mt5 forum which provides us a platform for learning and earning weekly bonuses.
    I want to share some benefitted forex knowledge with you all. Many members use pivot point in their posts and threads. Pivot point is that piont at which currencypair trend might be changed into bullish or bearish side.
    This mt5 forum is one of the best platform in the world and i am very thankful to its team management.
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    according to my knowledge my dear friend after 10 people. Is an indicator developed by a flow traders in the commodities market to determined rotational trading profits also known as pivots. Forex pivot points are calculated to determine levels in which the sentiment of the market could change from bulish bearish. pivot point is a technical analysis indicator are calculations used to determine the over all friend and the market over different time frames. The people. Itself is a simply the average of the high low and closing prices from the previous trading day.


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      Dear friends that is very interesting question let me describe here a forex pivot point is an indicator which developed by forex traders normally in forex trading it determined the potential turning points also known as forex pivot points are calculated to determine levels in which the the sentiment of the market could change from bullish to bearish forex currencies traders see payback points as markers of support and resistances

      Traders will use pivot points as a way to determine when market sentiment has gone from bullish to bearish or vice versa so the conclusion is that pavit point Is a centralised point. The day traders in forex markets normally trade on intraday basis around this centralised point called pavit point
      I hope the below attached snapshot will give you the best idea to understand that what I am trying to say in regards of the definition of pivot point in forex market in this snapshot you can see in the middle the words PP it stands for pivot point and you can see that on top off three resistances and to bottom of that three supports (so this is an centralised point on which day traders normally trading around this).
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