Why most traders fail


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    Why most traders fail
    Hi friends
    These are some causes of failure.
    1.Over leverage
    2.Over trading
    3.Lack of Trading Knowledge
    4.Lack of Experience
    5.Emotional Trading
    6.No Trading plan
    7.Don't know about Risk management
    If you overcome all these mistakes so success is not far form you.
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    yes you are right my dear friend I am totally agree with you many Forex trader come in Forex trading first time and not have information or knowledge about market then he making a trade very quickly after that he face a loss and fail. They have no discipline leads to emotional trading and is another of the major reason why most of the sale in Forex trading unfortunately more after then not a trader that loss is discipline well eventually lost money as well. And other reason why most traded fail in Forex trading is because they have established on experience target and goals.


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      Hi dear
      Hope you are fine.
      Thanks a lot for sharing a simple and informative post.
      You are absolutely right
      There is not a doubt that these are the biggest mistake and most traders make these mistake. The most important step to overcome all these mistakes is a Trading plan. A good trading plan can fix all these mistake.


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        A large majority of the traders fails in forex trading because of these facts as we know it is very difficult and risky business and our small mistake cause big loss most of the traders fail due to greed, over trading big lot size no scalping no analyzing lack of knowledge and experience lack of practice and patience they fail again and again at least they leave it because they find it very difficult.
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