What is the currency pair and base currency in the forex trading.


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    What is the currency pair and base currency in the forex trading.
    Dear this thread is is only my I beginner friends they are enter in new Forex trading first I want to welcome those friends then and I want to discuss some about currency pair and base currencythe two currencies that make up a foreign exchange rate. For example USDJPY is a currency pair. And for foreign exchange trading currencies are created in term of the currency pair. The first currency in the pair is the base currency. For example in USD JPY currency pair the US dollar is the best currency. Also may be referred to as the primary currency.. I think in my views about my threads you will be able to understand the currency pair and base currency.
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    You are true. Base currency is also known as the primary currency. Currency pair mean that exchange of various currrencies. We should increase our basic knowledge about different terms of forex to easily understand the other posting and their view point. If we are unable to pick their point, we may miss any positive tip. Stay updated.


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