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    forex market trend
    What is the Forex market trend?
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    Trend in the Forex Market

    The trend in the Forex market trading reflects the influence of buyers and sellers on the Forex market. Trends usually help traders to understand the fluency and direction of the real market which makes it clearer how to trade with this market direction and how to manage the Forex market effectively.

    Without understanding Forex market trends, traders cannot recognize the trend of the Forex market and even the low requirements to understand the true dominance of buyers or sellers. Over time and with the help of solid experience and expertise, a trader can easily identify trends in the Forex market allowing him to organize his plans and strategies according to the Forex market trend and updates.

    Types of Forex Trends:
    Since trend recognition is essential to start trading effectively, it is important to know the types of Forex market trends with the help of different tools for successful trading. Also, to get a firm grip on-trend recognition, the trader will have a firm grip on 'technical analysis and indicators' making it easier to understand the Forex market direction or the current trend.
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    There are Three Types of trends in the Forex trading available to identify the direction of the Forex Market:

    1: Bearish Trend:
    The bearish trend reflects the Seller's dominance in the financial market which means that when sellers are in power the market usually goes their way and as a result, the sellers get more profit with a solid trade. This situation makes it even clearer that the buyers are no longer in a clear direction and sellers can continue to dominate the Forex market until the Forex market allows buyers to build a bullish trend later. It also refers to the market supply problem which can be understood with a fundamental analysis of the stimulus market.

    2: Bullish Trend:

    An uptrend or bullish trend will form when the buyers take control of the Forex market and inevitably beat the sellers. The bullish trend also shows the value of the Forex market demand which helps traders to understand the strong upward dimension of the Forex market and this trend is more common and generally expected by the Forex market investors.

    3: Sideways Trend:

    Sideways Trend in the Forex trading market is a situation that has no clarity of the Forex market direction is called a Sideways or starting market which is the riskiest form of market that makes traders easy to lose. In this type of market, traders should avoid trading and wait for clear and regular market moves to enter with robust analysis. Apart from that, it also shows that no buyers and sellers are controlling the market at the moment, and traders should wait for the trend in the Forex market to make profitable trades.

    Conclusion :
    Trends in the Forex market are very important for a trader to know the direction of the Forex market and its volatility to take the correct entry with his strategy.

    When the market moves from bottom to top, it is called an uptrend and when it moves upward down a dimension it is called a downtrend when it does not create a potential move towards the buy or sell side, it is called the sideways market trend. A trader while trading must establish and develop his plans and strategies according to the Forex market trends to achieve profits successfully. The trend is vital to productive trading in the Forex market and always remember that trend is your friend


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      What is market trend snd how to do it.

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      As forex traders we must understand what a trend is and what a trend looks like. Because this is quite an important thing that must be known and studied. By knowing the signs of a trend, it is easier for us to make profits in this market.

      Forex trend is a movement in the exchange rate of a currency or stock that shows a periodic increase or decrease. The trend itself is a movement in one regular direction but in a zig zag movement. This Zigzag movement forms a series of successive waves with a Peak Level (High), a higher peak (Higher High), Valley (Low), and a higher valley (Higher Low / Lowest).

      Trending markets are something that all traders are always waiting for and are always looking for signals in every pair. That's why there's a term "The trend is your friend", When a trend is in progress we just have to follow the movement. So, we can make a profit.

      What is the Importance of knowing Forex Trend

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      A trend is very important for traders and a good trend is a long-term trend and there are several trends that traders should know about, including Uptrend, Downtrend and Sideways / ranging.

      • Uptrend
        Uptrend is a gradual upward movement of prices and the term for an uptrend is Bullish.
        • Bullish - Bullish is the movement of the price up but before that it is as if the price is going down. Bullish is taken from the word a bull, which is when the bull will attack he will bow his head and then throw his opponent up.

      • Downtrend
        Downtrend is a gradual descending price movement and the term for a downtrend is Bearish.
        • Bearish - Bearish is the movement of the price down but before that it seems as if the price is going to go up. Bearish is taken from the word Bear, which when a bear attacks it will raise its hand and slam its opponent down.

      • Sideways / Ranging
        Sideways / Ranging is a condition where the price movement has not yet determined a trend and moves only around the nearest support and resistance area. The term for the term of sideways is Consolidation
        • Consolidation is a price movement that only fluctuates in a certain period before the trend continues or reverses.

      Now, after we know what is a trend and what types of trends are and the importance of knowing them, we continue with how to identify them.

      How to Identify a Trend

      Previously, have you ever experienced when you were trading that you did buy but the price went down? And when you sell the price goes up? And when you hear the terms "Follow the trend and don't fight" and the terms "The trend is your friend". But when you follow it you are fighting the trend. If so, then "Congratulations" you are a trader who is progressing towards success.

      Okay, let's go on how to identify it.

      There are several methods of Analyzing the market and determining the direction of the trend apart from using indicators. Some of these methods you can learn like


      The simplest thing to identify a trend is with a trendline. Look at the picture below

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      • A valid trendline connects at least two peaks or valleys, but to confirm the trendline itself we need a third peak or valley.
      • The trendline will be more valid the more points connected by it.

      Using the Moving Average indicator

      Furthermore, a simpler and very easy way is to move averages. In this analysis, the Swing strategy is the best choice to get a medium-term trend. Look at the picture below.

      Click image for larger version

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      For more details, please learn here the Swing strategy.

      After you know what a trend is, you must have a trading strategy and analysis method to determine the trend direction. So, the term "Follow the trend and don't fight" as well as the term "The trend is your friend" then it will all look right once you know how to identify trends. Once you understand how to identify a trend, you will know when the trend will end and start a new trend or the trend will continue.
      God Always Blesses us

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        Forex market trend:
        When the market goes on a direction this is called market trend. There are three kinds of market trend in forex market. Uptrend market, down trend market and side way market. If a trader can stay with the trend and they can make well trading then success is so much easy for them. Today I want to discuss with this various forex market trend.

        Uptrend market:
        When the price goes only up and the buyer pressure is huge then this is called forex up trend. In this time we should find only buy trade. from the correction of the bullish a trader can find the trade. when the price come on the support or value area and if they can take buy it will be so much good for the trade on uptrend market.

        Downtrend market:
        When the price moves on the downside and seller control the market this is called down trend market in this time a trader should find sell trading opportunity. When the price goes on the swing high or value area of the bearish correction level then a trader should take sell on this downtrend market.

        Side way or range market:

        When the price do not goes uptrend or downtrend market and the price moves within a range this is called side way or range market. In this time a trader can mark two level and from the high we can take buy and from the lower level we can take sell.

        Some benefits for trend trading in forex:

        • Trend is friend and a trader can get maximum profit from this trend trading.
        • It reduces the chances of loses and a trader can make good profit here.
        • Trend trading helps to follow proper money management and risk management.
        • Trend trading helps to reduce the greed , over trading.


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          The forex market is characterized by price movements which could be to the upside, downside or sideways. Forex traders seek to benefit from such movements. Being able to know when price will be moving to the upside or downside would offer traders the opportunity to profit from the market. It is therefore important for the forex trader to know the different trends and how best to trade them.

          BULLISH TRENDING MARKET: The bullish trending market also known as the uptrend market is the market situation where price moves more in the upside direction. There could be periods of little drops but such is short-lived and price pushes up again. In other words price makes higher lows in a bullish trending market while it makes higher highs. Traders could benefit from this kind of a trend by looking to buy the asset when it drops towards the low or support.

          BEARISH TRENDING MARKET: The bearish trending market which is also referred to as the downside trending market is the market situation or setup where price tends to move more to the downside. This market structure favors price declines, though some upside moves could be witnessed. The upside moves are not for long periods. In the bearish trending market price makes lower highs while making lower lows. This market structure will give traders a better opportunity to earn profit if they sell the asset. Hence traders could benefit by selling when prices bounce.

          SIDEWAYS TRENDING MARKET: The third type of market trend in the forex market is the sideways trending market, also known as the ranging market. This market structure is seen when price moves within a small range, pushing up to a point and dropping back to the low, only for it to go up again to the same level and then repeat the process all over. In this type of trend, price could not break out of the range for a long time. Forex traders could benefit from this by noting the top of the range and the bottom of it. Trader would be selling when price gets near the top of the range while they will need to buy when price gets close to the low. This way the prospects of profit would be high while the risks of loss would be low.

          In conclusion, traders will need to trade in line with the trend for better trading performance. We often here that the trend is our friend. Trading in line with the trend is the best since price seems to go more in the direction of the trend.
          Thanks for visiting my Trading Journal. Your contributions are highly appreciated. Thanks, friends!


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