What's a reason for losing forex?


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    Actually there are so many reasons we can see for losing trade or losing money into Forex trading. Definitely we can mark on inexperience, lacks of knowledge, emotional trading, high leverage is using, high lots size opening and so many etc.

    Experience: you know that experience is the power and definitely without experience nothing is possible in this world. Together knowledge and experience is the most important part for to became a Forex trader. Forex is fully financial business and there is nothing we can do if we having less of knowledge and experience. I really think that an experienced trader can get the idea from his past experience so understanding the market is not so easy sometimes without experience.

    Lacks of knowledge: yes definitely lacks of knowledge is one of the most important reason for losing money into Forex. If you look at the beginner trader then definitely you will see they are less of knowledge and understanding the market situation as a result they are losing their money so quickly.

    Emotional trading: without having any experience and knowledge if we are trying to trade with emotionally then definitely we will lose after sometime. This is happen for Google having no background of Financial Market situation so I would like to say that this is also another important fact.

    Using high leverage: yes you know that this is one of the most important part for a Forex trading system and leverage is necessary sometimes. Brokers offering high leverage for beginner traders actually and that leverage is giving then support for small amount of capital trading. But if we abuse this opportunity then definitely this well be one of the most dangerous reason our big losses.
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      feelings are dominated with the aid of trade decisions, which is the biggest errors any dealer could make. A sturdy foreign exchange trader guarantees that a handful of important profits are received whilst enduring more than one minor loses. it's miles painful mentally to suffer multiple non-stop defeats and could undertaking the composure and believe of an investor. seeking to beat the call for or to present in to fear and greed will result in a brief-time period loss of trades. trading in a properly-evolved exchange approach that targets to preserve trade discipline will assist to resolve anger.You must prepare a time table for any exchange before the market even opens. Scenarial forecasting and training of acts and countermeasures will appreciably minimise the chance of most important, unpredictable losses throughout all business capacity circumstances. because the opposition shifts, new prospects and threats are added. Over the long term, no panacea or dumb "gadget" can persist. The maximum successful dealers regulate their processes to industry developments and alter them. effective traders time table and rarely are shocked if low chance incidents arise. They stay in advance and constantly find out fresh and progressive ways to gain by using an informative and adaptive method.


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        There could be many reasons for losing money in forex trading but I guess one of the main reason is :

        Lack of basic knowledge

        * Yes one of the major reason for losing in forex trading is lack of knowledge or no knowledge about forex trading.

        * I know that we all need to learn about how to analyze the market so that we can predict the market and make an entry in the market and it is quite a difficult process to learn.

        * But there are major basic things which are not at all difficult to implement in our trading but still we ignore them. They are as follows:

        (a) Risk management
        (b) Money management
        (c) Greed or Not controlling emotions
        (d) Over Trading (even after making profits)

        The points mentioned above doesn't require any special training or education beacuse these are basic things but still we do not want to learn such basic things just because we are in hurry to make money in forex trading.


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          Originally posted by paritgupta View Post
          There could be many reasons for losing money in forex trading but I guess one of the main reason is :

          Lack of basic knowledge

          * Yes one of the major reason for losing in forex trading is lack of knowledge or no knowledge about forex trading.

          * I know that we all need to learn about how to analyze the market so that we can predict the market and make an entry in the market and it is quite a difficult process to learn.

          * But there are major basic things which are not at all difficult to implement in our trading but still we ignore them. They are as follows:

          (a) Risk management
          (b) Money management
          (c) Greed or Not controlling emotions
          (d) Over Trading (even after making profits)

          The points mentioned above doesn't require any special training or education beacuse these are basic things but still we do not want to learn such basic things just because we are in hurry to make money in forex trading.

          Hello dear friend
          You explain it with right words.Its lack of skills due to which you loses in forex trading.You can only improve skills by practicing and having experience.In forex trading experience does matter a lot to make successful trade.Other then that over trading and no control on your emotions are the reason to lose.
          Work on these things and have best results.
          Have a good day


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            Though no one actually bargain for losses, but the reality is that most traders, a larger percentage of the participants of the forex market, go into losses and eventual margin calls. The reasons for this are not far-fetched.

            1. INADEQUATE LEARNING: Most people that venture into the forex trading business take serious learning for granted. The fact that anyone could click on a sell or buy button makes the forex business a very simple business to most people, hence they see no need to get serious with the learning. However, the forex business is one business where good knowledge is very essential. Without proper learning and practice successful forex trading would only be a dream.

            2. LACK OF DISCIPLINE TO APPLY GOOD TRADING RULES: Many traders lack the discipline to apply the necessary good trading rules. They go against all rules with the end result being losses.

            3. NON-USE OF STOP LOSS: Most traders seem to go against the idea of setting stop loss to their trades which would have helped limit the losses on their wrong trades. When the stop loss is not set, the whole totality of funds in a trading account is at serious risk.

            4. GREEDY TRADING/BAD MONEY MANAGEMENT: The greedy nature of humans make most forex traders fall into the bad trait of going against good money management. They use huge lot sizes in an attempt to make huge profits within a short period of time.

            5. NO GOOD TRADING PLAN: Most traders have no trading plans and the few ones that have it hardly follow it hence making the trading plan of no use. Traders who fail to follow trading plans hardly succeed in the forex business.

            6. OVERTRADING: Since the forex market is open 24 hours of the day, many forex traders make it a do or die affair and will keep trading till either the market closes of they get their capital wasted in losses. Overtrading is never a good trading habit. Losses will only keep mounting.
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              The topic of losing money can vary depending on the trader himself, different traders will have different obstacles so there is a need to mention the major reasons for just about every trader so they won’t feel left out. So let's begin.....

              Reason #1 is you are not doing this thing in a full blown fashion. When it comes to trading it’s not just about using a set and forget trading strategy or executing your trades properly. There are a lot of things involved behind the scene like the discipline to follow a strict guideline in how to conduct your life as a trader, there is also the grinding part where the majority of the boring things are in here and you have to do them. You can compare this to MMA athletes that are preparing everything before their title match. The athlete must carefully follow his diet and follow his training regime and also do the psychological preparation, must have enough rest and a ton of other things. An athlete though, don’t go to a fight everyday. Forex traders go into battle every trading day! The fight in forex is much harder because it really drains a trader’s mental energy faster than in actual physical fight. It is known today that the energy that the brain needs for heavy mental activity is 80% of a person’s whole energy.

              When you become a trader you must be prepared from every angle possible so you will be at your peak performance level when you start your battle in the market. Trading is a very tough thing and you really should take this seriously if you plan to succeed. There is really no place for half-ass preparation in this business. You must have a strong determination and disciple!

              Reason #2 is you have to be firm on your opinion and not easily become doubtful. The market is pretty clear and we are just following it to make money. Many times new traders become doubtful when they check their chart after entering the market and then start moving their stop loss or their take profit target because of some temporary market move when eventually the market eventually goes into the direction of their profit. This scenario I’m sure many traders have experienced. Having doubt should not be part of your psychological composure. It is detrimental to your trading success. When you enter your trade, you should make sure you stick to it no matter what and this is because you already have your entry and exit criteria so you should not worry about your trade and trust that it will bring profit (or limit your loss in case the market has proven you’re wrong). Other times, you become doubtful because your analysis goes directly against some big shot trader that you respect or follow. This also must be avoided.

              The key to all of this is plan your trade and trade your plan. Stick to your gun no matter what. If you still have a doubt about your trade then there is really something wrong in your training or your demo trading period. This is also why it is important to endure a training period using a demo account so you won’t have any doubt later on when you’re trading with a live account. You can always go back to the demo account whenever you need something fixed.

              Reason #3 Maybe your trading strategy simply does not have the competitive advantages over the market. When trading, you have to make sure that you have something that can help you to make money from this market. The trading business is unlike any other business. You are just one of millions of traders in the world and if you don’t have any competitive advantage that sticks out then you will obviously lose money.

              Click image for larger version

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              To succeed in this business you must either use a trading strategy that is proven to work and used by profitable traders or you make your own trading strategy based on heavy research and has been successfully back tested and forward tested. A complete trading strategy must include a good risk management, trade management, solid entry and exit logic and also proper trade execution.

              Reason #4 deals with your expectations. If you want to succeed in this business you must have the right expectation, a reasonable one. Wrong expectations will destroy your mental capacity and crush your hope and eventually, many people quit this business because of this. Having the wrong expectation like a 100% winning ratio or hoping that you will get your target R when the price goes your way are just some small expectations that you really should not have.

              You must remember that you are dealing with millions of traders around the world so the market will be dynamic and ever changing so you won’t always get what you expected. Be content with what the market can give and don’t fuss when things turn south on you and be reasonable when making a goal in this business. These things will keep you healthy and keep you going in this business for a long time.

              Reason #5 you are ignoring logic. There is a lot of misinformation and incomplete education surrounding this business. Many people simply follow some guru because they said or showed this and that and this is the herd mentality. You have to be able to process any information other people give and think about it using proper reasoning. Some things might be true but they are simply not for you due to the difference in personality between you and the guru. Or maybe you can’t perform your ultimate best because you are not getting the information that suits you personally. Or maybe that someone can get 100% a week trading forex but you don’t know that this thing is limited only to a small trading account.

              Open your ears widely and listen to many traders but use your logic to think things through. If you can’t process the information then you should ask around from many different experts and then you will have a wide array of information to form your own conclusion.

              Reason #6 sudden spike caused by news or some other unpredictable event. Some big event in life comes without you knowing or expecting it. This might cause you to lose money when you are already in the market. War, political instability, market crash, emergency world leader meeting and other stuff like this is really out of your control and so, you really can’t do anything about it.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20201011-225049~2.png
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              One thing you can do is to watch over things from different sources so you can at least have a filter or build some kind of hunch that something might come or is coming. Or you can also trade using the big time frame to filter out sudden moves from things like NFP and FOMC temporary spikes in the market. Other than those things, there is really nothing you can do when it comes to world events.

              Reason #7 maybe forex trading simply is not for you. For whatever reason, some people are simply not suited to trade forex. This business is very tough, it’s fast, it’s self-centric, does not make any compromise and can make you lose money super fast. Some people are more suited to be a doctor helping other people or become a lawyer to delve with details and complex law or a chef creating and making delicious food that makes people happy when eating it etc.

              If you have tried everything that you can do and still fail then maybe it’s time for you to really quit and start doing something else that will be complimented by your skill set.

              Reason #8 you simply don’t have the required skills to make money in forex trading. Technical analysis and trading strategy is part of this business and if you can’t seem to master this stuff then maybe trading is not for you. To be honest, technical analysis is not that hard and can be followed. Many trading strategies do not require you to have discretion when executing the trading plan. Or maybe you don’t like to stick to your trading plan which is not good.

              You must find a way to deal with this problem like trying to be disciplined or just use a set and forget strategy or learn trading one on one with your mentor so he will tell you what you lack objectively. Or maybe you simply need to spend more time to learn trading more seriously.

              Hopefully, you can learn from these things and improve your trading performance. One trait of a successful trader is they learn from other people's mistake so they can avoid them.
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                90% of the people in Forex always have 9c and only 10% of people have profit. The reason is that the 90% of the people who are dam players in it want that they become rich in one night and get very good. They are given from them that they only know property India, that we can also lose in this business, they want them to have a profit. So because of this, they have a loss in it but which one Jayprakash lives a tractor, does he get property in it? They know that in this business we can be in loss and can also be profitable, so in this way they work in this only by doing money management and precaution, Dalit man only then they get profit. So in this we also need that we can work in it from the picture, without it our work will be good, we will be equally successful in it. Just we should never dare, but if we lose courage, we can never succeed in it, rather we should work hard in it, make it work well, the more our good work, the more we will be in it. Don't dare Because you also know that if you lose courage in this, you will never be able to succeed, but if you fail in office, then we should also work hard in it. So good you will work in it, you will get the same success in it and if you want to achieve so much success among yourself, then for that you have to work hard, only hard working person is successful in it, then I should also be well We just have to work hard at it, only by working hard do we reach this point that we can get good profit in it, it will be able to become a raw trader, in this way we only succeed in it so that we can do something in it.


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                  Loss is the part of all kinds of business. forex is not except of this. But in forex risk is higher than others business and profit also bigger than others business. so it has more risk and more gain. Now I want to say what is the reason for losing in forex business. that discuss in bellow.

                  • At first I want to say the lack of learning is the key to make loss in forex business. when a trader do not have proper knowledge and they do not make well trading then they make loss. so we have to learn trading then we can avoid loss.
                  • Lack of trading skill and experience is the one of the main reason for losing in forex business. we should gather good trading knowledge and good skill to make well trading. By practice lot we can gather good trading skill. I think we should make well planning to in this issues.
                  • Lack of experience is one of the main reason for losing in forex business. when a trader give so much time in forex and after making loss they can learn well this is good experience for trading in future. By this process we can avoid our loss.
                  • Lack of good trading strategy is another big option for making big loss in forex business. I think we should try to make good trading strategy and make good trading.
                  • Using big lot in trading is another big reason for losing in forex. when we do not follow proerp money management and do not honor risk management then we use big lot for making big profit. for this reason we can make big loss here.
                  • Greed, emotion are main reason for losing in forex business. who can not control this greed and emotion they must loss in forex.


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                    Originally posted by forexguy9 View Post
                    Definition of lose:
                    Loss is a part of every business. There has no business in the world which will give profit all the time. Only bank interest is exceptional as they will pay you a fixed interest in every month. This is not business. In all types of business there must be a possibility of getting loss. Every loss is not bad thing. Especially in Forex trading loss is an essential element. It makes a trader more stronger. It will help to gather some good experience which will help a trader to get profit in the next trade. On the other hand if anyone do gambling then the loss will be considered as real loss. Otherwise Forex loss should not be counted as a loss. It's should be called as investment.

                    Reasons for which Forex trader lose money in trading:

                    Greed is the main curse for a Forex trader. Most of the Forex trader get loss in Forex market due to greed. Every Forex trader should avoid emotion while trading in Forex market. Otherwise they won't never become a good trader. Every time they will get loss in Forex trading.

                    >>Lack of trading knowledge:
                    Most of the Forex trader enters in Forex trading without proper trading knowledge. They don't know how to open a trade in perfect timing. Lack of trading knowledge won't lead a forex trader to get profit from Forex trading. Proper trading knowledge is mandatory.

                    >>Avoiding Demo Practicing:
                    Demo is the mother of getting success in Forex trading. But it's a matter of sorrow that most of the Forex trader avoid this trading platform. They don't take this basement for trading in Forex market. As a result most of the Forex trader get loss in Forex market and curse Forex trading for their losses.

                    >>Always having tendency to take high risk:
                    Most of the newbie wants to earn quick money and used big lot size in their small trading account which lead them to get loss everything. Market bounce back but they won't survive long due to using high lot size. They will get margin call every time.

                    >>Trading on high impact news time:
                    To get some quick money many trader waits for high impact news releasing time. This leads trader get loss in Forex market due to high volatility. 200-300 pips movement looks very normal in these high impact news time. These news time are: FOMC, NFP, Intertest rate news etc.

                    To avoid loss in Forex trading please just avoid these above mentioned reasons.
                    When Fortune Knocks, Please Open The Door.


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                      It is known that the Forex market is full of abundant profits that traders achieve while carrying out various trading deals by taking advantage of the continuous rise and fall in currency rates. The forex companies and various websites often promote trading in the forex market by talking about the enormous gains that you will get once you start trading in the forex market, but most of these companies often ignore the talk about exposure to loss in the forex market, despite the fact that exposure to loss It is inevitable that every trader in the forex market is exposed, and every trader must accept the idea of ​​losing in the forex market so that he can limit this loss and control it as much as possible. Below we will shed light on the most important causes of loss in the forex market so that you can avoid them during your trading:

                      The most important causes of loss in the forex market:

                      1- Lack of experience and skills related to Forex trading.

                      2- Exaggeration in setting goals and expectations of getting rich quickly.

                      3- Not setting up a trading plan in advance or not committing to it.

                      4- Not using loss and profit limit orders.

                      5- Excessive use of leverage during trading.

                      6- Leaving multiple trades open simultaneously.

                      7- Leaving losing trading positions for long periods.

                      8- Excessive thinking about profits, neglecting the correct management of liquidity.

                      After identifying the main causes of loss in the forex market, be sure to always avoid making these mistakes while trading.


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                        Here are some possible mistakes that you do that made you lose in forex trading:

                        Lack of preparation

                        This is the most common mistake that beginner traders do. They get too carried away by news of people becoming successful in trading that they think it can be easy to do. They end up entering in a trading career without enough research and strategies to follow on hand. They shouldn’t underestimate the time, effort, and dedication that professionals spend before becoming successful in trading. Simple research and reading is not enough. Consider getting hands on training or working on demo accounts to get adequate training before entering a real life trade.
                        Trading on emotion
                        It is understandable that traders become emotional when making trades since it involves the use of their hard earned money. The outcome of any trade depends on how the trader handles the exchange so following a trading plan is very important. However, there are a lot of cases wherein traders does not stick to their plan, especially if they see their assets losing value. They may probably be able to avoid greater losses, but thinking about the long term effect of this practice, they are more likely to trade based on their instinct instead of having a rational strategy, thus making it more like gambling instead of trading.
                        Blind Trading
                        New traders have a tendency to trade based on the saying “believe what you see”. Depending too much on news and updates without analyzing can sometimes result in a loss. Remember, the market is affected by factors beyond our control. Just because you saw a stock sharply increasing its value doesn’t mean it will continue an upward course. Make sure to analyze all factors and conditions that could affect the market before making a trade.
                        Trading too high relative to capital
                        Trading with a high leverage can be very rewarding. However, it can also sometimes work against you as you can lose even more than what you can afford. Make sure to start trading with a small amount then continue working it up until you are confident that you can secure your profits with your skills and strategies.
                        Unrealistic expectations
                        A lot of traders enter trading thinking that they can exit with a very high profit. Having a vision is good, but make sure it is realistic and reachable. You should stop thinking you could enter a trade with $10,000 and exit with a million dollars in your account. Instead of anticipating how much you can make in the end, think about how you can improve your trading strategies. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about making income as it will come naturally to you.
                        And during trading, you might want to avoid doing these mistakes.
                        The first and most basic thing that beginner traders should do is research. Before entering any kind of trade, they need to fully understand what they are putting themselves into. Unfortunately, because there is no required degree or experience to open an account in trading, there are a lot of traders who start investing their money without even understanding the meaning of spreads, leverage, volatility, margin, etc. which causes them to lose a lot of money on their first tries. Entering a trade without fully understanding these usually ends badly.
                        Beginner traders usually forget that the market is very unpredictable, and that it always change course from time to time. Most of the time, they enter a trade thinking that the past news they’ve heard about the market is still applicable to the current trend. It is very important to be o date by monitoring the market real time and knowing when to apply opinions.
                        TRADING WITH A BIG POSITION SIZE
                        Sometimes, new traders try trading with a big position size thinking that they can predict the market accurately. As this might be good if you end up being correct, it also opens you to the risk of losing bigger amount of money. Always remember that any trade can easily become a losing trade, so play it safe by keeping your trade size consistently small. Make sure tode only what you can afford to lose, so as not to end up having a negative account.
                        Sometimes, new traders try trading with a big position size thinking that they can predict the market accurately. As this might be good if you end up being correct, it also opens you to the risk of losing bigger amount of money. Always remember that any trade can easily become a losing trade, so play it safe by keeping your trade size consistently small. Make to trade only what you can afford to lose, so as not to end up having a negative account.
                        ADDING TO LOSING TRADES
                        Lastly, beginner traders tend to add to losing trades, resulting to a bigger amount of money at risk. They do this in hopes for a trade reversal so they can get back their loss. However, this usually causes bigger chances of unprofitable trading. It does not benefit them in any way because it mostly just lights up theope, which can be a negative influence in their decision making when they don’t plan beforehand.


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                          According to research in South Africa, the assumption in the Forex market is that 70 percent to 80 percent of all new Forex traders lose money and end up exiting.
                          Each form of trading needs a lot of commitment, particularly Forex trading, to learn how to trade and to build a solid Forex knowledge base.
                          In a competitive and uncertain environment, the expertise and trust to be able to apply this Forex information in real-time trading take time.
                          And still, errors will be made because the lessons and mistakes of real life are the best teachers.

                          1)Insufficient start-up capital
                          • For earn some cash, you should have some money, and in the short term, it is important for you to produce excellent returns on limited capital. For just a limited amount of cash and outsized risk due to too-high leverage, but, you will find yourself frustrated with every swing of the ups and downs of the market and jumping in and out and the worst times possible
                          • By never trading with a too-small amount of money, you can fix this issue. For anyone who wants to begin trading on a shoestring, this constraint is a tough problem to get around. If you trade very small (micro batches or smaller), $1,000 is a fair sum to start with. Otherwise, you're just setting yourself up for a possible tragedy.

                          2)Poor Risk Management
                          • You may have the world's best forex trading scheme, but you might lose anything without a good forex risk management strategy in place.
                          • In order to exercise good forex risk management, traders should:
                          • Work out their risk mindset, think about the risk / reward ratio, place size and account balance percentage for each trade.
                          • Place stop losses to safeguard against their position against the market Be mindful of influence and use too much Keeping a handle on feelings Using a journal rather than personal emotions to make decisions based on established evidence.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	risk managment.png
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                          3)Not accepting responsibility for losses and mistakes
                          • We strive to teach our kids something, but when it comes to trading, there are lots of traders who aren't able to do just that. One of the really important things a trader can do is take responsibility for your actions, mostly because it leads to real and true introspection. If they are going to learn something at all from their defeats, the trader simply needs to be able to be honest with themselves about what happened in a deal.
                          • In order to come out ahead in your trading account, the whole point of learning to trade is to understand what works, what doesn't, and be able to adapt to changing circumstances. If you are not truthful with yourself, about what really happened during a deal, it is almost difficult to do all of these things.

                          • Overtrading is the unnecessary purchase or sale, also known as churning, of financial instruments. In other terms, in a single trade, getting too many open positions or using a disproportionate amount of capital. There are no laws or regulations for individual traders against overtrading, but your portfolio can be negative. Overtrading can have significant repercussions for trading brokers, since they are controlled entities.
                          • Overtrading is often activated by feelings such as:
                          • Fear: In an effort to make up for a loss, individual traders often overtrade.
                          • Excitement: As stocks move rapidly, traders may be tempted to open positions without examination.
                          • Greed: They want to make even more money when traders make a profit.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	prevent overtrading.png
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                          5)Risking too much
                          • Always note, if you are serious about your trading and your aim is to make a full-time living from forex trading, you must schedule your forex trading for the next 5-10 years. I do not say that you have to be "dead-serious" by planning and being serious and not smile during the day, but what I say is that you have to respect the business and respect risk management.
                          • If you don't do this, the market will ensure that you're humbled. No matter how good a trader you are, every trader is a student of the market.
                          • The truth is, most forex traders are killed by leverage and too large a size (risk). Most traders are in the world of trading only to make cash simple and cheap. That's the wrong tactic and not the right attitude to have.
                          • They can make some money, but they're going to get out of business fast, too. Especially by assuming that gamblers are most retail traders, and they do not have any strict rules about their trading, trading plan & journal, routine you name it!

                          signs you may be risking too much on your forex trade, position:
                          • You Can’t Sleep
                          • Checking Too Much
                          • Exiting Too Early

                          6)Poor Forex trade management / no trade management
                          Something that is ABSOLUTELY Crucial for profitability, but often not correctly addressed or understood by many traders, is just how important it is to take maximum profits to stay in business and to ensure that the overall risk return for the account remains in a good position.
                          7)Not having a trading strategy
                          • Regardless of what kind of financial instruments you trade, a collection of sound trading techniques and an outstanding money management system are two common criteria for being consistently profitable. Each asset family of binary options (currencies, commodities, stocks and stock indices) has specific peculiarities, so most fundamental stock trading strategies , for example, would need to be modified to function well for other asset types to be exchanged.
                          • Appropriately tested and successful trading strategies are critical to the longevity of intense competition in the financial markets. If you embrace a style of trading based on volatile cross-betting (entering positions on several different assets without following a properly tested and proven trading system), you are doomed to fail. So, the way to go is organized trading.

                          8)Unrealistic Expectations
                          • Expectations are a natural component of being human that you can literally not get rid of. With forex trading, the secret to them is effectively handling them. Not setting unreasonable standards around the trade is one of the important things to understand. Using unrealistic expectations as a trading strategy could bring large pips into your account each time, but it is currently quite unlikely that long-term success will succeed. Over time, you are likely to lose much of your trade and start to feel depressed.
                          • You can also give up trading entirely when this happens! All of this could be stopped by only beginning with more reasonable goals and also admitting when your plan doesn't work out as you thought it would.

                          9)Trading Addiction
                          • Trading can become an addiction for some people, much like alcohol or gambling, with its promise of high income , financial liberty, often frenetic speed, highs, and lows.
                          • Although some ordinary investors can luck out and strike it rich, most individuals end up losing cash and may lose jobs, relationships, and their homes if the addiction takes over their lives.
                          • An novice wins thanks to beginner's luck in a classic downward spiral, then loses, then attempts to regain the losses, but instead loses more and more as they struggle to try to crawl out of a widening hole.
                          • Blowing through your financial capital, falling into debt, neglecting your jobs, family , and friends, losing sleep, and otherwise not contributing to your health and well-being are signs of addiction.
                          • Trying to dig yourself out of your addiction alone is a recipe for failure once you know that you have a serious problem; instead, reach out to family and friends and seek professional support.

                          Click image for larger version

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                            A trading strategy is the first step in achieving success. "Mistake to prepare is a mistake" is a saying valid for any kind of company. The good trader relies on a schedule with reported risk management guidelines and the estimated investment return (ROI). The strategy contains risk management guidelines. If you stick to a systematic trading strategy, buyers will escape some of the most prevalent business pitfalls; if you do not have a strategy.The strategy consists of threat control guidelines. if you persist with a scientific trading approach, buyers will escape some of the most accepted enterprise pitfalls; in case you do not have a approach, you aren't promoting in the forex market.You must put together a schedule for any change before the marketplace even opens. Scenarial forecasting and education of acts and countermeasures will extensively minimise the likelihood of most important, unpredictable losses across all business capacity occasions. as the competition shifts, new possibilities and threats are introduced. Over the long run, no panacea or dumb "device" can persist. The most a success dealers adjust their tactics to industry trends and regulate them. powerful investors agenda and rarely are taken aback if low chance incidents occur. They stay in advance and constantly discover sparkling and innovative ways to gain by means of an informative and adaptive method. It is believed that a lot of traders fails as a forex trader more than the ones that makes the profits. However this assertion is very valid for the beginner traders but as the experience of the traders increases, they begin to make better profits from the trades and get lesser losses provided they are trading the right way and they are improving their knowledge on a consistent basis.When it comes to trading forex, overtrading can be very bad and can lead to opening immature trades that could lead to losses. By trading every opportunity the market brings, you might find yourself entering the market too soon and fakery setups could really beat you easily thereby causing more losses for you. For example, If you trade every pin bar that forms without waiting for proper confirmation, you might be overtrading and this will likely cause more loss in the long run.
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                              No enough knowledge of trading ??

                              Hi and Best Wishes For Everyone. When we start forex trading without learning then it is impossible to go with profit. In start of every work 1st we have to learn and then start our work.
                              Hello MT5 Forum Members.
                              Always remember that " Good learning Leeds you to good earning".
                              Thank You so Much.


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                                Forex trading is a real online business in which like other business, profit, and loss is part of this business, but seems that ratio of losing money is comparatively high in forex trading business, and there are many reasons behind this issue. I will explain the top 5 reasons why forex traders lose money.

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                                1 Greed
                                2 Lack of knowledge and investment
                                3 No Trading plan or wrong trading plan
                                4 Lack of Discipline
                                5 Lack of patience

                                Greed: Traders are attracted by quick and easy money in the forex trading business, but it is not easy as traders think. Due to not understanding of forex trading market rules, and lack of knowledge and experience increases greed in traders. This ultimately causes a big loss in forex trading, so try not to trade with greed.
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                                Lack of knowledge and investment: In the forex trading business, lack of knowledge is the main factor that causes loss in forex trading, as people think that forex trading is an easy business and they take it very lightly and not show interest in learning forex trading. Investment also plays a good role in forex trading with experience, as many traders start forex trading with a small investment and they trade like do or die which also causes loss.
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                                No Trading plan or wrong trading plan: As it seems that many traders don't have any trading plan or wrong trading plan, which does not match there personality or experience. Many traders who do not learn forex trading just copy-paste other trades or try to get signals from others which are not good and cause a loss.

                                Lack of Discipline: Lack of discipline is probably the most important reason which causes loss in forex trading. If traders do not learn forex trading, then they not become a discipline in there trading, which leads towards loss.

                                Lack of patience: Trading is a waiting game, but most traders don't have the patience for the right setup. Instead of trading what the charts tell them, they trade what they want to see, so patience is important in all fields of forex trading like the opening of trades or waiting for the result in a trade.
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                                If traders want success, then do forex trading with proper learning and be disciplined and also show good patience in this business. Trade with proper money management.
                                "Satisfaction is more important than your success"
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