Which trading session is the best to trade in?


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    Trading session has a vital role in every trader's trading routine. Basically most of the trader first define himself/herself that he/she is a scalper or midterm trader or long term trader. Then we chose currency or crypto or stock or metals or oil to make sure of our trading nature. While we find out this, as a currency trader I can said that we should trade Ex: on USD in US session as well as European session we should trade on Euro, Gbp and Chf. In Sydney session as well Aud and Nzd pair is the pair that we can trade. So, it is very simple to define all session with session currency trade. If you traded on a pair that is not running its own session that can teach you more that I say. But we can trade instead of following session currency co-relation can give exact combination of off session trade. So taking an entry is not similar purpose to one trade to another trader. It varies on traders physiological view on the target. You should discover which currency is familiar to you and you understand its all nature of policies.
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      There are no sessions in where we cannot make money, essentially what we can understand is that different things could take place that can get us into a profitable position, you may get something significant for yourself when you can know which sessions you are going to be trading, if you want to trade in the forex market, you can engage yourself in the better things. You can win the forex market based on certain things, different sessions can provide opportunities that can make us some good money, if you can trade this market with the best chance and opportunity, there are things that could be highly responsible for your success. Each session will be very profitable for our account but don't engage in the market when there are no volatility in the forex market.


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        There is always a period where there is more volatility in the forex market, this is the time that has always been considered as the best opportunity for people to trade because if you are someone with issues that can make you fail, then choose the time frame where you know there will be more movement, the essence of the time frame is that we know exactly what we are doing and then get into trading them accurately without any challenge, I may not understand what a time frame is saying but as long as I understand patient in the course of the trading, I can automatically make profit, there sessions that we have chosen must be able to give us some money at the end of the day. You cannot just trade any sessions without understanding them.


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          Which trading session is the best to trade in?
          You can be in the market at anytime and then make money but the worse time that we can trade is in the period when we have noticed that there will be a news that could change the course of the market, it is under these times that we should be extremely careful, there are good strategy that we can use in the forex market but if we trade them in the wrong session, there is the chance that we could make mistakes that is enough for us to face challenges, if you cannot come to the point where you understand this market for yourself, you will be confused about the time or session that you are supposed to trade, this is a confusion that we should seek to prevent always.


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            There are three most popular trading session in the forex market, and this sessions are the New York or US session, the London or UK session, Asian session, this three session are the recognized session though there are still some semi session on three of them.
            Though in this sessions price in the market seems to move a lot in the market more than another, for example the the US related pairs price usually move more faster when it's their sessions, the same thing with jpy pairs moving faster it's Asian session.
            But personally I can't choose between them, meanwhile I think market overlap is the best period to trade, there is more opportunities available during this period.


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              The worse assumption we have to make in the forex market in the forex market is when we believe that there is a better solution to trading management which means that we are the traders that wants to make money, there are instances where we lose our account in the forex market because we understand that trading in the wrong session is something that makes better money, but if we are getting the best times for trading, then we should know that we generally are the traders that would make losses, people that are getting into trouble in the forex market always face things that don't make sense, you cannot trade at two right time and expect to gain good performance in the business, that is not generally how things will lead to success for you.


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                The best trading sessions as long as we are concerned is when we are going to be awake to do our analysis in the forex market, there are different types of sessions in the market which are topically divided into four, we have the responsibility to understand them and choose which one will bet better for our trading, the London session is there and then we have the United States of America session, we take this into consideration and time to trade will be the best, or else we can't take trade when there is no volatility, there are no good time or session to trade, but if we want to make our trading during the Asian session that would make us have less traffic because of people that are trading are very few, then finally we have the Australian session.


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                  There is an overlap between the two sessions in the forex market which are the United States of America and then the United Kingdom session, the only way we can't get losses in the forex market will be to avoid trading whenever we approach too much volatility in the forex market, this means that we should always approach trading with an individual understanding that something good can happen, trading in the United States session means that we can make more money because it is indeed there that we have more to trade because of the news announcement that is consistently released from the time, we need to give ourselves a benefit of the doubt based on this so that we can gain something pretty unique.


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                    all about trading session forex

                    When it comes to forex trading hours, we should talk about the forex trading market first. The difference between the forex market and other financial markets such as the stock market and the commodity market is that it does not have a central exchange, so there is no unified market opening. And closing times, based on GMT + 8 time, each morning, from Wellington in New Zealand, to the early morning close of the US West Coast markets, the major markets in Australia, Asia and North America are linked end to end. Trade anytime on weekdays. Everyone can find a suitable forex market for trading.

                    Main international forex market opening and closing times (GMT + 8 time):
                    • Wellington forex market in New Zealand: 4:00 am-12:00pm (winter time); 05: 00-13: 00 (summer time).
                    • Sydney Australian forex market: 6:00 am-2:00pm (winter time); 07: 00-15: 00 (summer time).
                    • Tokyo forex market: 8:00 am-2:30pm
                    • Singapore forex market: 9:00 am-4:00pm
                    • London forex market: 16: 30-00: 30 (winter time); 15: 30-23: 30 (summer time).
                    • Forex market in Frankfurt, Germany: 2:00 pm-10:00pm
                    • New York forex market: 9:20 pm-4:00am (winter time); 20: 30-03: 00 (summer time)
                    • Hong Kong, China: 9:00 am-4:00pm

                    [Note]: Market opening is when the forex market starts to fluctuate.

                    Detailed analysis of the three main trading sessions

                    Even though the forex market is 24 hour trading, it is mostly concentrated on the three main trading hours. From morning to evening, they are Tokyo trading hours, London trading hours and New York trading hours.

                    Tokyo trading hours:

                    Japan is the third largest forex trading center in the world and the largest forex trading market in Asia, mainly because the yen is the third largest trading currency, accounting for 16.50% of total forex transactions. The Tokyo trading session is the smallest among the three major forex trading sessions, mainly because the current trading volume on the Japanese market is 6%. However, currency liquidity in the Asia Pacific region will become stronger during this period, and the possibility of fluctuations in the yen will be even greater. Therefore, speculators who are accustomed to trading the yen often start trading at this time.

                    And as we said in the true story in the introduction, professional traders will write a trading plan for the day at 8 o'clock, so that the Tokyo session trend can set the tone for the rest of the market trends of the day. After that, traders in trading hours will review what is happening in the Tokyo time market so they can set and evaluate the trading strategies they should apply in other trading hours. Overall, 21% of forex trading volume occurs during this trading session.

                    London trading hours:

                    London is a well-established financial center in the world and the earliest market for forex transactions. Banks in various countries are used to opening large deals after the London forex market. Therefore, the volatility of the global forex market day will begin to increase with its opening, and the opportunities for individual investors during this period will gradually increase. London accounts for as much as 38% of total global forex transactions. And because it operates Tokyo trading hours and New York trading hours, the trading volume is very large, the liquidity is high, and the spread will be lower than Tokyo time.

                    Since large transactions occur during London time, this is usually the time when the market is most volatile; market trends may reverse at the end of London time, as traders from Europe may intend to take profits. Overall, 30% of the foreign exchange trading volume took place during this period.

                    New York trading hours:

                    Because the US stock market is the largest center of capital flows in the world, and because of the special status of the US dollar, the New York forex market is also the most active forex trading market in the world, and its high level of activity means investors have increased profit opportunities. In the New York forex market, fundamental data sets such as US GDP data, changes in interest rates, the production price index, the consumer price index, the unemployment rate and the public response from the Federal Reserve will have an important impact today. It should be noted that due to the special status of the US dollar, whatever the term, as long as the US releases important data, it will have an impact on the market.

                    segment any point in time each day

                    first segment: morning light market (8: 00-12: 00 GMT + 8) in Asia.
                    • 8: 00 ~ 9: 00 GMT + 8 is the start time in Japan. It is a link between the past and the future. This may be a callback from the previous trading day, or it may also be the start of a new trend. There are many fake acts. Entering the market today is easy to cheat. Suitable for entry.
                    • 9: 00 ~ 10: 00 One hour after the Japanese market opens, the market gradually becomes clear, which is more suitable for trading.
                    • 12: 00 ~ 13: 00 lunch break, the market is not clear, not suitable for trading.

                    Second segment: Afternoon (14: 00-18: 00 GMT + 8) European morning market with medium shock amplitude.
                    • 13: 00 ~ 15: 00 After the overnight trend after the end of the first day, the market has adjusted back into place and entered the market following the trend of the previous trading day. The effect is really good.
                    • 15: 00 ~ 17: 00 is similar to 13: 00 ~ 15: 00, but after a while, the price may not be as good as before, but you can still enter the place.
                    • 17: 00 ~ 19: 00 Prices are not great, and European markets were easily fooled by callbacks and disputes in the early days of European markets.
                    • 19: 00 ~ 20: 00 Before the first wave of US data came out, entering the market at this time was akin to gambling, with very bad results.

                    third segment: Afternoon (20: 00-24: 00 GMT + 8) European afternoon trade and American morning trade fluctuate significantly
                    • 20: 00 ~ 21: 00 After the first wave of US data comes out, you can choose the opportunity to enter the place, and the effect is acceptable.
                    • 22: 00 ~ 23: 00 The second wave of US data comes out on the field, which is akin to gambling, with very bad results.
                    • 23: 00 ~ 24: 00 After the second wave of US data comes out, you can choose the opportunity to enter the place, and the effect is acceptable.

                    Fourth paragraph: late at night (00.00-early morning GMT + 8) is a slight correction for the US afternoon market.

                    About Trading Holiday

                    Each country has its own trading holiday, but since foreign exchange is a global market, there are basically no trading holidays in the world. For example, a US Bank holiday falls on a Monday, even though institutional traders and banks are on vacation. But retail foreign exchange traders in the US and around the world can still trade.

                    Saturday and Sunday
                    The foreign exchange market is open for trading in different time zones around the world from Monday to Friday, for example the Asian market opens on Sunday afternoon US time, while the US market is closed on Saturday morning Asian time. Therefore, the time when the foreign exchange market closes completely is 1.5 days a week.

                    Trading time is one year
                    365 days a year - (52 weekends X1.5) - New Year's holidays = 286 days

                    Best trading time

                    When two trading sessions overlap
                    Tokyo and London have an overlap of one hour, when the Asian trading session ends and the London trading session starts. The London and New York markets have a total overlap of 4 hours from 12:00 to 17:00 GMT. The significance of the overlap is that there are quite a number of traders at the moment, which will have an impact on market conditions. The more active the trader is, the more liquid the market will be. High liquidity means that the less likely the price will fall, the higher the chance that the order will be filled, and the currency spread will decrease. This is often the perfect time to trade.

                    However, these two overlapping periods often need to be treated differently. When the Tokyo-London time period overlaps, under normal circumstances, the Asian time market will not fluctuate greatly, because as soon as it enters the afternoon, the Asian market starts to enter a state of stagnation. Since European traders are just starting to enter their offices, the lack of liquidity in the market will only bore traders. When London and New York trading hours overlap, it can be said that the best trading hours. Traders from the two main financial centers of London and New York are increasingly busy. There will be huge liquidity in the market. At the same time, due to the release of US economic data, Market changes will also be relatively large.

                    Time is not suitable for trading

                    National holidays will also change the state of the forex market, such as bank holidays in the UK or the United States, because without the participation of these countries, the volume of market transactions and liquidity will be lower than usual.

                    The Friday market is the least predictable.

                    Before the news and data releases
                    Before the release of data or news time, it was difficult for us to predict the direction of the price movement. If you rush into trading before you are sure of a suitable method, the results may be painful for you. Of course, many traders will choose to trade during this time and seize the huge quote Wave.


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                      is important to take advantage of market overlaps and keep a close eye on news releases when setting up a trading schedule. Traders looking to enhance profits should aim to trade during more volatile periods while monitoring the release of new economic data. This balance allows part-time and full-time traders to set a schedule that gives them peace of mind, knowing that opportunities are not slipping away when they take their eyes off the markets or need to get a few hours of sleep.

                      In general, the more economic growth a country produces, the more positive the economy is seen by international investors. Investment capital tends to flow to the countries that are believed to have good growth prospects and subsequently, good investment opportunities, which leads the country's exchange strengthening.

                      Also, a country that has higher interest rates through their government bonds tend to attract investment capital as foreign investors chase high yield opportunities. However, stable economic growth and attractive yields or interest rates are inexorably intertwined.


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                        The time zones in forex trading

                        Before we go to discuss the best times to trade I need to tell you that there are 3 major time zones when it comes to forex trading and this is what separates forex trading from stock trading or futures trading. Those 3 time zones are (in order of market open):

                        Asian session
                        London session (the European session)
                        New York session (the U.S. session)

                        Another thing that you must understand is there is Daylight Saving Time (DST) where the business hours are adjusted to reflect the seasons. During the month of April to October the sessions go like this:

                        Asian session starts from 6:00
                        p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time
                        London session starts from 3 to
                        12:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time
                        York 8:00 to 5:00 Eastern Daylight Time

                        However, during the winter from around October to
                        April the sessions’ time is pushed back by 1 hour.

                        What is the best time to trade?

                        There are several answers to this question based on what type of trader you are because there is really no one size fits all answer on this. Mainly, we can group traders into 2 main groups:

                        Traders who use small time frame
                        Traders who use big time frame

                        Those included in the group who use a small time frame are scalpers, intra-day traders and session traders. Their main characteristic is they always get in and get out of the market within the same day.

                        Those included in the group who use a big time frame are those who don’t really care about this question so much because it’s not relevant to how they trade. So when we go into the discussion we will mainly address the issues of the first group.

                        So, the answer to this question is:

                        1. Trade according to your available time slot
                        It is important that you do not trade when you are still working. It is bad to trade when you are still on your job because forex trading deals directly with your money and when you deal with your money you will lose focus on what you are currently doing in your office or workplace. If you live in continental U.S. your choice is very limited because although the U.S. session is a very active session you are still working in your workplace. So you either trade during the London session more or less around midnight (if you live in the east coast) or you trade after you get off work in the afternoon which is the Asian session. Some people chose to relocate to a different country just so they can trade forex more comfortably.

                        2. Make sure to balance your rest time
                        At most, a person can only follow 2 trading sessions a day depending on where you live.

                        If you live in Asian continent you have the option to trade the London session in the afternoon or the New York session in the evening.
                        If you live in Europe you have the option to trade the New York session and Asian session.
                        If you live in the American continent you have the option to trade during the London session and the Asian session.

                        When your trading time coincides with your rest time you really need to balance out both of them for healthy reasons and for your job also. Trading is hard and it takes a lot of mental energy (which can drain your stamina by a lot). There are people who due to mental pressure of doing intra-day trading chose to shift their time frame to a bigger one like H4 or the Daily time frame.

                        3. Trade only when there is a very good setup
                        Just because you are trading on a very liquid time during the day it doesn’t mean you will always make money. Always stick to your gun, wait until there is a very good setup to enter a position to avoid silly mistakes and lose money.

                        4. Trade only during the London session
                        Decades of research by BIS (Bank for International Settlements) and other surveys done independently showed that the London session is the time when the forex market is very liquid. The U.S. session rank second and the Asian session is the least liquid and less active. This is why many traders prefer to trade only during this session. The big liquidity provided during this session means your orders will be executed very fast and the volatility during this period means you will see a lot of action going on. The chart below will show it to you…

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20200927-115657.png
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                        5. Scalp only during the markets overlap
                        Because the forex market runs 24 hours a day you will see volume fading away and jump during certain times of the day. The time where volatility jumps is the time where the market is about to change from the session into the next session. We have Asian - London overlap, London - New York overlap and lastly the New York - Asian overlap. The best overlaps are Asian - London and London - New York. For scalpers this is a great time to take quick profit because usually what happens during the previous session will either be carried on or reversed during the next session.

                        6. Trade only during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
                        Monday is the start day and that is why the liquidity and volatility during this day is not good as the market is just waking up from the weekend. On the other hand, Friday is the time where the volume and trading activity is gradually dying due to the weekend that is coming. This is why the big actions sometimes happen during these 3 days from Tuesday to Thursday.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20200927-115908.png
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                        By now you can already guess what is the best time to trade for those who uses small time frame and that is:

                        Trade during the time available to you while not sacrificing your rest but only when there is a great setup that happens either during the London session or during the overlap of Asian - London session or London - New York session that falls on a day between Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

                        There you have your answer!

                        Just knowing the best time to trade is not good enough for you. Make sure you also have a good trading strategy to back you up.
                        You only need to read THIS ARTICLE to make money from forex trading,


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                          What are the best trading session for trading to chose ( Which Trading session is the best to trade in)

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Each country set their own session , time schedule for trade , some time countries are open for morning to noon , some of countries are open noon to evening and most of countries are doing trade in late night or mid night . We can described them in one place such as the best timings, or best session while trading when ever we are doing part in a successive trade ever.

                          The Forex system can be categorized into four key trading sessions:
                          1: The Sydney session
                          2: The Tokyo session
                          3: The London session
                          4: The New York session the preferred time for Trump to tweet.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	forex-trading-sessions-babypips.png
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                          First of all we note down the best hours in that segments:

                          The forex market is decentralized and accessible five days a week, 24 hours a day. When several countries trade at the same time , the best time for implied volatility traders to join positions would be when several nations trade at the same time , meaning that you really can trade Forex all over the clock. Forex is the most over the counter market that does not have a centralized Forex exchange. Alternatively, in the tend to have high centers all over the world, brokers, distributors as well as market participants make Forex trading efficient. Every day is split into several sessions, with each session open for a certain amount of hours.

                          Best hours of trading

                          During trading periods between open markets, the best time to exchange is during starts and ends. Forex market hours are extracted from various global trading sessions, the optimum time to trade the Forex such as foreign exchange market is because when trading differences between the gaps between bid prices and the ask prices which may be begin to narrow at their most active rates. The ideal place to approach the Forex market depends on the best time to enter the Forex market. Which is start from Monday to Thursday at 3 pm To 9 am o clock. It is best timing in every country.

                          Best level setup

                          Traders in Forex ought to commit certain hours to storage, paying close attention to the hours whenever two exchanges coincide. This hardly raises stock price when more than one platform is open at the same time, it also ways that affect to the degree and rate at which asset or currency rate as a function.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Top Example of best trading session of a country

                          Best timing in asia :

                          Our Forex market on weekdays is available from 9 pm on Sunday to 10 pm on Friday. Trading is sometimes off on Saturday and Sunday called dead lock. Usually, the trading period referred to by the individual investor or trader is a single day of business on the local stock market, from the relevant date of that market to its closing bell. The biggest component of the Asian session traditionally begins at 2200 GMT, with the Sydney session, preceded by Tokyo starting at 0000 GMT GMT. such as in Pakistan we there is best timings of trade is 3 pm to 10 am

                          Although the EUR U.S. Dollar can be the world's most traded currency, through all the Asian session, the U.S. Dollar-Japanese Yen is by far the most traded currency and accounts for almost 20 percent of FX trades on a constant schedule.

                          So, the Asian session begins at 2200 GMT on Sunday night and concludes at 0900 GMT on Friday, with Forex markets closing from Friday night to Sunday night.
                          There are only a huge number of people on the weekends on where all the forex markets are closed, which become December 25 through January 1.

                          Best timing in UK

                          Our Forex hours for the weekend range from Saturday 4 am through Sunday 8.40pm (UK time). Any markets held exposed on a Sunday after 8.40pm (UK time) would roll into the weekday markets when such markets reopen at 9 pm (UK time) twenty minutes later.

                          Forex Markets Worldwide Hours

                          The four most important time windows are as follows which all times are displayed in Eastern Standard Time from the average traders perspective.

                          Sydney: between 5 p.m. and 2 a.m. (mid night)

                          Tokyo: 7 o'clock p.m. Towards 4 a.m.

                          London: Three a.m. Up to 12 p.m. (at noon)

                          New York City: 8 a.m. Till 5 p.m.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	FX-3market3-5bfd915b46e0fb0051d8043e.gif
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                          2nd :The volume of traders actively buying and selling a given currency increases substantially when two exchanges are available. In one forex stock exchange, the bids and requests instantly influence bids and requests on those other open markets, decreasing stock spreads thereby increasing uncertainty.

                          8 o'clock a.m. With exchanges available both in New York and London until noon,

                          7 o'clock p.m. Then both Tokyo as well as Sydney exchanges open until 2 a.m

                          3 a.m. With both Tokyo as well as London markets open until 4 a.m

                          What Day to chose for trade

                          Although some hours of the day are crowded than others, price variations often vary from day to day, the something worth considering. Some days of the week are usually busier than many others. As a general principle, market fluctuations appear to be wider in the middle of the week for all of the majors, with trading sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays seeing the highest pip variance for all major currency pairs. A effective way to optimism the benefit potential of each transaction is to select the best time to transaction. This secret is known to skilled traders.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	globe-sessions.png
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                            Best trading sessions

                            Forex trading sessions or trading hours are categories into four regions such as London, New York, Sydney, and Tokyo, all these they all have different opening and closing time, yet some sessions do clash in the market (overlap).

                            Despite the fact that there is consistently liquidity in every moment in forex, they are not made equivalent: there are periods when value activity is reliably unpredictable and periods when the market is also very quiet and this depicts some trading session.

                            So some sessions generate more activities than the other, for example, the New York and London sessions are the most volatile period in the market.
                            The London session is a volatile trading session where you have a lot of transaction coming through, London and New York overlap session is where the volatility is at its peak.
                            Most professionals and this session are the best sessions basically because there are more trading opportunities during this period.

                            • How to use the sessions to choose the best hours.

                            • Market overlap

                            The market overlap is the hours where two sessions clash, that is open at the same time
                            For example
                            The London session starts from 3 AM to 12 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).
                            The New York session starts from, 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).
                            This simply means the four hours between 8 am and 12 pm is the market overlap, and within this four hours period, there are always high market movements.

                            The same things go to other sessions that overlap


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