enquiry in respect of a banned member: dtvade


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    enquiry in respect of a banned member: dtvade
    please, could anyone assist in respect of the above captioned? my friend, dtvade just got banned and to the best of his knowledge the reason given for the action proved untrue(copy pasting). so far the method he uses is typing the answers on microsoft word(using his own originality) and then transferring it to the forum thread. so, i believe this could not be a case of copy-pasting coupled with the fact that he has always participated right from the beginning of the best answers contest, so he already knew all the rules which could be an oversight by the moderator who took the action of banning. moreso, there are no previous warnings as to such copy-paste suspicion.
    i would humbly request that the moderator/moderators check again so as to effect the necessary correction.
    thanks in anticipation.
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    sorry about your friend's ban. but let your friend contact the moderators or the super-moderator so as to look into the matter. as long as the banned forum member is sure of not doing copy and paste then it could be an error. i am sure the authorities will be able to help if it is discovered to be an error.


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