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    I need help
    I need help
    As you can see in the picture

    Trading account can only be changed after the date 13-7
    Now I can not verification This account because I am not married and live in my parents' house and there is no proof of address on my name
    The identity card in my country -egypt - is considered personal proof and also proof of address because the data on the card has the address
    If the address is changed, the card must be changed or I face legal punishment
    I told verification section about that and they Refuse and ask for another document and I do not have.
    Now I want help
    Please allow me to attach another account now and not on 13-7 so I can get weekly bonus and also a prize for Best Answers Contest in 20-6
    is that possible ?
    if no
    help me in changing the account holder's name
    so i can change it to my sister's husband, so I can send documents to prove identity and address
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    No one can change the time of attach accounts in each forum members.
    About your problem, please try to send email to the support Instaforex.



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