How to get Plenty of Likes and Thanks for your posts in the Legitimate way


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    How to get Plenty of Likes and Thanks for your posts in the Legitimate way
    With the new ISCA bonus system, a lot of questions have been asked and many minds have been thinking, "How do I sidetrack or cheat the system?". Well THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN BEAT THE NEW SYSTEM, all you have to do is to comply and follow the rules.

    However there is a way you can always get good thanks and like for your posts and I will like to share them here.:

    1. ALWAYS read through the title and posts on a thread before contributing. That way you will be able to know what others have contributed and you will be able to respond to the most recent questions of members and such members will thank you for your answers.

    2. CREATE the right threads that have not been done before, making sure that they answer salient questions that will be on the minds of newbies. Ensure that your posts in such threads are always very explanatory and you will be sure to get genuine likes and thanks for your threads. Better still, you could even win a prize in this as a best thread starter.

    3. SHARE your personal experiences of what you learned in your own trading activities. Many traders will have gone through something similar but had no explanation. When you share, you help others become better and they will surely thank you for it.

    4. NEVER ask others to thank or like your posts because your bonuses can be cancelled and Admin can ban your account for this particular action.

    I hope that this will help us become better members of this forum and also help us get more bonuses in the right way.

    I also hope this is the right section to post this. If not, please the moderators should help to place in the right section.

    All other members should contribute their thoughts on this as well as methods in which we can improve and do better.
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    You have shared the good analysis for making the good bonus along with the knowledgeable and notable points,
    I recommend for the all of the newbies of this forum that they should try to focus on forum rules and comply the laws set up by new ISCA system. In this way we can try hard to improve our level of postings and by writing effective materials, we will definitely get the New Likes and Thanks in legal and effective ways.


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