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    Bounce Issue.
    Hello Admin Team and Members, I have been posting on the forum since July 1, but I did not get a bounce. I claim my All post and some post in pending and some post was approved by editor team, and Many members also did not get a bounce even though their post was approved by editor team.

    Can anyone tell me why I didn't get a bounce?

    Sure it takes a lot of time to create a post, but if the mt5 Forex Forum team doesn't realize it, they shouldn't waste anyone's time, and don't hurt anyone's emotion. If this forum is designed to support traders then it should be supported.
    Yes its good
    No! admin need to think about new system.

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    Hi friends how are you?
    The biggest issue of bonus that was not deposit for last 4 month. Dear trader
    Ihave been posted for last 4 month and don' receive bonus for my posting. I am working with patientand now Everything is enough now we don't wait for more time.I request to editors tam and orum modorators that kindly
    give us bonus for last 4 month and the system which updates now please closed this and set old rule. If this rule are on demand than your business will stop in two or three years later because everyone refer a peoples and after refering they don't receive bonus and left the forum that is called business closed in future. Before when we posting on forum and receiving good bonus and working too much for success and now we work hard and receive nothing in our account then we hopeless and stop working. And suggest peoples to not working onthis platorm that in fake now.


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