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    A message to the editor team
    Today, I received an email from forum administration team telling me that I have exeeced the allowed bounce rate for my posting and I will be blocked from posting for one month.

    2 months ago I had 90% rate approved posts, but this last week all my posts were rejected without any reason. I did not change my posting strategy or my posting style. So, if I had 90% rate approved posts in the past weeks and I am still posting with the same strategy and the same style, why all of my posts were rejected? Am I being targeted by some of the forum editors team? This is the only reasonable reason.

    Also, why do you think that blocking members for a month is good for the forum, do you think that will increase the forum's SEO. Blocking members will only decrease the SEO because there will be less active posting members. So, I think posting with little mistakes is better for the forum than not posting at all.

    I already checked all my rejected posts for this week, and I didn't see any mistakes, I want the editor team who rejected my posts to answer my questions and to tell the reasons why they rejected my posts.

    I said before and I will say it again, this claiming posts system is bad for both of the members and the forum.

    ---------- Post added 08-05-2021 at 03:56 PM ---------- Previous post was 07-05-2021 at 11:51 PM ----------

    I think my posts were rejected by the editor team due to mistake. The editor team used to reject only a few of my posts because I spend hours making sure that I have no mistakes.
    But this last week I had 4 rejected posts, and now I am blocked from posting for 1 month. I checked my rejected posts again, but I didn't find any mistakes.
    Please check my posts again, I am a hard-working member, and I don't deserve to be banned because of this.
    And I also have other pending posts from this week, please check them as well.

    My rejected posts: