It’s totoally a misunderstnading and the trapped made by mario67 who is a criminal


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    It’s totoally a misunderstnading and the trapped made by mario67 who is a criminal
    it's me FxBD , this is totally emotional for me because this forum is my life and i will never do any kind of violation here. you must have to show me the proof of violation. before you give me a 14 days ban you must have to talk to me. i have given the alert to mt5guru several times that many of the spammers who are against me because i have raised my voice against them previously so it's an targeted pre planed things.

    please kindly look at the matter once again..

    It’s totally a misunderstanding and the trapped made by mario67 who is a criminal

    first you have to understand that I am a responsible person and I will never violate the rules of the forum. I have informed you previously that several spammers are against me because I have raised my voice against spammers yet and as a result forum was clean for last few weeks and everyone knows it very well.

    First thing if you could give me a chance to explain then I can say. Because of my id is ban for 2 weeks then there is nothing can do now. So I need to inform you that you made mistake totally.

    If I give thanks to the blank post as you are thinking then you are wrong. When I give thanks that was good post written something related to the topic otherwise I will never give anyone a single thanks ever.after giving the thanks into this post
    He immediately erase the replied post.if you don’t understand this trick then I have nothing to do. This person was pre planner for this and because of this reason he post into the visitor message "Good bye"

    those who know me in this forum for a long time they can not say anything which i have did wrong. please do the inquires of the criminal's last few post which he posted for the targeted peoples' journal ... plz check once again his last few post.

    if i could violate any rules then i couldn't be here for several years. it's pre planned targeted.

    those people who give mario to thanks they are not spammer, they also got that trap.i am totally speechless now for your action.

    check this post

    did i give thanks to this person ?

    answer is no because he replied without quoting, so how you could you think that i will give thanks to a blank post!!!!

    it's not possible for me to explain everything within a post here.when this things happen to me so immediately i have give my complain to mt5guru though email..

    people might thinks that i did something criminal activity here so i got ban.. this is my reputation matter.

    so kindly do the investigation again and ask those who are victim of it.

    Again i am saying that this forum is my life and i can not live without this forum a day.i am requesting you to unban my id ..

    thank you very much.
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    Problem is sort out.
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