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    Sunny Portugal has long been famous among surfers around the world - hundreds of ideal spots, the ever-raging ocean and a coastline about 1800 km long seem to be created in order to fall in love with this sport completely and irrevocably. Beginners, amateurs, gurus and extreme people come here to conquer their best wave, set a new world record or stand on the board for the first time in their lives. In Portugal, stunning beaches, surf camps and schools await you all year round, ready to teach everyone the skill of conquering the ocean. Here is one of the surf spots that Europe's wave capital offers. Lagos is a town located in the warmest part of the Portuguese mainland coast - the Algarve region. Its territory is famous for its kilometers of stunning beaches, both deserted and equipped. Most of them are ideal for water sports. In the warm season, surfing in Lagos will appeal to beginners and amateurs - the waves during this period are warm and relatively calm, and the weather is conducive to a long swim. But for advanced surfers, it is better to conquer the ocean from October to December. There are several surf schools and surf camps in Lagos that offer all the necessary conditions for learning and comfortable living.
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    I think surfing is one of the most difficult sports. It's been 25 years since I first picked up aboard and I'm still trying to figure it out. The main reason it's so hard is that it doesn't have the systematic repetition needed to solidify a new skill in the brain. Of course, the quality of riding still depends on many factors, including the board itself. I buy at everything related to surfing from the board to the suit and so on. Another important element is fitness. To be a good enough surfer, you need above-average physical fitness.


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