14 Bizarre Ways Coffee Can be Incorporated


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    14 Bizarre Ways Coffee Can be Incorporated
    For most people, drinking coffee has been a fuel for them to live. People drink it to start the day, get through the day, and end the day. Coffee lovers just can’t live without their daily shot of caffeine. Some even got creative and started doing all sorts of twists to it. I’m sure most of you heard about the Dalgona Coffee trend and some even tried replicating it.

    However, besides all the love our all-time beverage is receiving, don’t you know that coffee has other uses other than being drunk? Here are some of it:

    1. Palate Cleanser

    Image retrieved from:https://ak.picdn.net/shutterstock/vi...95/thumb/7.jpg

    You may have found that, in department stores, many perfume counters have a small dish of nearby coffee beans (and if they don't have them, they should). There are those coffee beans to cleanse olfactory palate. The explanation you want to smell coffee beans between the perfume samples is because it can be difficult to discern one fragrance from another while measuring strong aromatics. The strong odor of coffee beans excites different areas of your olfactory system, allowing the next perfume you want to smell to have a more sensitive smell.

    According to Noam Sobel, a UC Berkeley Scientist, smelling the fragrance of coffee in perfume samples actually works as opposed to smelling unscented air. After smelling coffee scent, the apparent odor strength of the perfume from sample to sample remained the same while it reduced when air between samples was smelt. However, the perfume's pleasantness was similar after sniffing coffee or air.

    2. Odor Neutralizer

    Coffee grounds contain nitrogen which in combination with carbon helps eliminate a foul-smelling sulfur gas from the air. To put it another way, coffee grounds can help absorb and remove odors. A bowl of coffee grounds can be stored in your fridge or freezer to neutralize odors from rotten or fragrant foods.

    You can also fill coffee grounds with old socks or pantyhose, and tie them off to make portable air fresheners. Put these in areas that need to be deodorized. like your shoes, gym bag, bedroom drawer, underneath your car. You can also hold coffee grounds by the shower, and use them after slicing garlic or onions to wash your face.

    3. Deo Soap

    When cooking, garlic, salmon, and onions can stay on your skin. To zap any residual odor, quickly clean your hands with coffee grounds and rinse with warm water. Or, if you dislike those fruity soaps, make your own. Combine used grounds with vanilla, powdered milk, and glycerin soap to form a deodorizing soap bar. Using a metal or glass bowl and saucepan to cook it up over a double boiler

    4. Fabric Dye / Wood Stain

    The dark color of coffee makes it a good choice to give worn-look fabrics, and wood an aged patina. You won't end up with a very dark dye or stain, but you'll get a weathered look that's unique. This process of dying and staining will yield some good results depending on the amount of applications and the type of substrate the coffee is added to.
    Cloth dye:
    Brew a normal coffee pot and drop the fabric of your choosing into a bowl, you might need to add a small weight on top of the fabric to stop it from sticking out the coffee as it is soaking. Enable to dye fabric for 24 hours (or longer), then rinse fabric and allow dry air. The result is a brownish, off-white colour; giving an aged look to the fabric. Consider using different coffee brew qualities, or adjust the amount of time fabric is immersed to reach varying shades.

    Lumber Stain:
    Brew a good pot of coffee and bring the grounds back into the bowl, let it set and pour the concoction into the untreated wood. The coffee gets a slightly darker stain to it, but don't expect very dark results. Leaving a coffee ground directly on the wood adds to black color.

    5. Paint

    Image retrieved from:https://render.fineartamerica.com/im...ta-blanaru.jpg

    Using coffee as a medium for painting is not rare. In fact, for centuries, artists and craftsmen used coffee and tea as a kind of 'painting.' With a faded, browny, textured look, regular brewed coffee can be brushed onto the cardstock and will dry. You can build up your image with repeated applications, and correct spacing.

    6. Cleaning Abrasive

    Used Coffee grounds may be used as an abrasive cleaning agent. Simply save those and shovel some into your next dirty pot or pan before washing your hand, the absorbent grounds are ideal for greasy pans and each ground's thin, jagged edges help clean up even the grossest dishware.

    7. Treatment for under-eye puffiness

    A common beauty issue is the under-eye dark circles and puffiness caused by hormones, asthma, fluid accumulation or lack of sleep. Apply chilled coffee grounds to your undereye area to fix the containers, let sit for 10 minutes, and rinse well. A review of studies published in Journal of Cutaneous and Esthetic Surgery showed that a caffeine-based gel helped to reduce puffiness and darkness in the eyes.
    The anti-inflammatory effects of caffeine magically constrict the blood vessels, resulting in decreased inflammation of the under-eyes. (This is an effective way, according to a plastic surgeon, of banishing undereye circles.)

    8. Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

    Cellulite is a condition which gives a dimpled, lumpy look to the skin. This is impacting 80–90% of adult population. It happens when fat deposits push under your skin through the connective tissue, and is commonly seen in the buttocks and thighs.

    When caffeine like that is applied topically in coffee grounds, it can help break down this fat and increase blood flow to the area, therefore, diminishing cellulite appearance.

    Although there is no permanent fix for cellulite, temporary results may be offered by an exfoliating scrub made with coffee grounds. A study published in Annals of Dermatology suggests that this is because caffeine is capable of stimulating the enzymes that break down fat, which may lead to cellulite reduction. They said that the application of almond oil and salt helps extract dead skin while also replenishing moisture. This scrub leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft!

    If you want to try this out. Here’s a quick recipe for you to follow:
    Combine the ingredients below, then use a brush or your hands to apply to areas susceptible to cellulite such as hips and thighs.

    • 1 part of sea salt
    • 1 part of a café
    • Sweet almond oil
    • 30 Drops of essential grapefruit oil
    • 10 Drops of essential lemon oil

    9. Skin Brightening

    A research published in the journal Analytical Methods indicates that caffeic acid, an antioxidant in coffee, may raise levels of collagen and mitigate premature cell ageing. Coffee can be made as a mask just like what aesthetician Jennifer Phillips do in her DIY Chocolate Coffee Mask coffee grounds. She said that caffeine could be a very effective ingredient for applying to the says.
    If you want to try out this mask, below is the recipe:
    • 1 tbsp. of raw cacao powder
    • 1 tbsp of bentonite clay
    • 1 tsp. fresh coffee grounds
    • 1-3 tbsp. aloe vera gel (or water)

    Mix the ingredients listed above. Afterwards, put it to your face and neck and allow it to stay there for 10-15 minutes or until it stiffens. When it is ready to be removed, use warm water to dissolve the mask by making circular motions with your hand. Lastly, apply toner and cleanser to your face for the finishing touch.

    10. Lips Softener

    The same gritty texture which makes coffee grounds an effective scrub for cleaning makes it an effective exfoliant for your lips. If you want to try it out, just mix half a teaspoon of used coffee grounds with a half-teaspoon of honey at the first sign of chapped lips to make a soft, and efficient lip scrub. Rub the paste softly over your lips for 30 seconds in a circular motion, then clean with a damp washcloth.

    11. Fireplace Cleaner

    Removing ashes from the fireplace is an extraordinarily messy job. However, this can be made easy by using ground coffee. Weigh the ashes down by pouring used coffee grounds over the ashes, and prevent the formation of smoke clouds. Not only does this make it easier to clean the ashes but it also stops dust from spreading and moving to other parts of the room.

    12. Meat Tenderizer

    Meat contains muscle fibers and proteins which can give hard consistency to it. Tenderizing meat helps to break them down, giving them a softer texture. Three common forms of meat tenderizers are salt, enzymes, and acids. Coffee contains natural acids and enzymes which make it particularly effective when it comes to tenderizing meat. Coffee's acidic qualities can also help to improve meat taste.

    13. Hair Growth Stimulator

    Shampoos and styling products often leave residue behind which can make your hair dull and heavy. Coffee grounds can exfoliate the scalp and eliminate dirt and dead skin cells. In addition, several test-tube studies have found that caffeine, such as that in used coffee grounds, stimulates human hair growth.

    14. Improve Hair Quality

    Dull, brittle, and dry can be improved by coffee grounds. By rinsing your hair with coffee you may remove dullness. The flavonoid that it has are antioxidants that promote hair regeneration. It can also May make the hair shaft cleaner and alleviate fizziness, resulting in smoother and easier to de-tangle hair.

    Since caffeine has a diuretic effect on the body, you would imagine that when added to your hair it will have a drying effect. But then caffeine does not strip the hair of the oils. It can instead help your locks maintain moisture and create a natural shine. It can also increase the flow of blood in the roots of the hair, resulting in healthier, shinier hair.